Popular Fast Food Chain Opens Second Location In Arizona

White Castle Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

White Castle, the iconic American fast-food chain, opened the doors to its Tempe, Arizona, restaurant with fun-filled festivities and nostalgia.

The eatery's second location in Arizona, following its Scottsdale opening in 2019, welcomed guests with a modern design, an indoor dining room for 50 and an outdoor patio for 40, emphasizing convenience and customer comfort.

The grand opening featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Charles and Georgia Hutchison, lifelong partners and White Castle fans who met at the chain 72 years ago.

Lisa Ingram, White Castle's President and CEO, expressed excitement about sharing their famous Sliders with the Tempe community, citing the overwhelming positive response from Arizona residents. The event also showcased Julia, an AI-powered drive-thru assistant, enhancing the personalized customer experience.

The day unfolded with customers enjoying the iconic Sliders, while the Hutchisons, in their 90s, cut the ribbon, symbolizing the enduring love and memories created by White Castle.

As America's first fast-food hamburger chain established in 1921, White Castle has grown into a family-owned business with over 350 restaurants, earning accolades for its innovation and commitment to quality.

This event reinforced White Castle's legacy of providing craveable food and fostering deep and lasting connections within the local community.

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