Bus Crashes Into Arizona Home After Swerving To Avoid Multi-Car Accident

Flying bus in the city traffic, rush hour

Photo: Getty Images

A harrowing multi-vehicle accident in Mesa on Monday evening resulted in a city bus crashing into a residence, leaving six people hospitalized.

The incident unfolded around 7 p.m. near Broadway Road and Stapley Drive when a Dodge truck ran a stop sign, colliding with the left front of a Valley Metro bus at Broadway and Spencer Street. The impact caused the bus to swerve left, traversing all eastbound lanes before colliding with multiple cars and ultimately crashing into a nearby home.

Aerial footage from Arizona's Family's news chopper captured the extent of the damage, showing the bus lodged into a house and a pickup truck colliding with a street pole and fire hydrant.

Authorities revealed that a man and woman in the truck fled the scene, prompting ongoing efforts to identify and locate them for potential charges related to leaving the accident site.

In total, nine individuals sustained injuries, with three bus passengers, two residents from the impacted house and four others able to be treated at the scene. Among the injured was a person in a car attempting to leave the area, facing a potential broken arm.

As investigations continue, Mesa Police are piecing together the details of this alarming collision.

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