Where To Taste The Best Bowl Of Pasta In Arizona

Directly above shot of pasta in plate on table

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Pasta enthusiasts have strong opinions about their favorite food. Therefore, when those falling into this category agree that the same local eatery serves the best pasta around, chances are that statement holds some truth.

Culinary authority LoveFood.com named the restaurants serving the best bowl of pasta in every state:

"Who doesn't love a big bowl of perfectly prepared pasta? Whether it's a creamy carbonara or spaghetti in silky red sauce, or inventive creations and new takes on the classics, there are times when nothing else will do. We've found the best places around the US for a comforting, flavor-packed bowl of pasta. Read on to find out the best in your state, and just what's so special about it.
Our selections are based on genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of our team. They're also regularly checked and updated."

In Arizona, the best bowl of pasta is the beef bolognese served at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix:

"Better known for his Italian pizzas, chef Chris Bianco also knows how to serve up a mean plate of pasta. Available at the Town and Country location of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, the house-made pappardelle pairs wonderfully with the rich grass-fed beef bolognese (pictured right). It might seem simple, but this dish is packed with unbelievable flavor – a true joy for the senses."

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