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In an era marked by a growing emphasis on women's empowerment and with the women's labor force participation rate reaching 57.7% in August, the highest it has been since February 2020, WalletHub took a deep dive into the 2023's Best & Worst Cities for Women. The report, along with expert commentary, unveiled a fascinating tale of opportunities, disparities and a remarkable city that shines as a beacon of hope for women across the nation.

WalletHub's mission was clear: to identify the most women-friendly cities among the vast landscape of 182 contenders, and to do so, they meticulously evaluated 15 key metrics. From the median earnings for female workers, a crucial indicator of economic parity, to the quality of women's hospitals and the gender pay gap, no aspect of women's lives was left unexamined.

What emerged from this exhaustive analysis was a clear narrative of both progress and persistent challenges. While women's presence is felt across most areas in the nation, they are not always in the ideal location to maximize their potential. The data revealed a stark reality: only 22 out of 250 metropolitan areas in the United States report women under 30 earning the same amount as or more than their male counterparts. The ever-persistent gender pay gap, where women only earn around 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, paints an eye-opening picture.

However, amid these disparities, a city emerges as a shining example of what is possible—Gilbert, Arizona. This suburban location within the Grand Canyon State holds the title of the seventh safest city overall.

But it doesn't stop there.

Gilbert's total score of 69.65 on WalletHub's ranking scale tells a story of its own. In the crucial categories of Women’s Economic & Social Well-Being, it proudly takes the second position, showcasing its commitment to fostering an environment where women can thrive. Even in Women’s Health Care & Safety, where many cities falter, Gilbert secures a commendable 73rd position, ensuring that women's health and safety concerns are not overlooked.

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