The Most Spoken Language In Arizona Will Surprise You

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Language is the core of communication as it is the representation of the rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds that make up the United States. As our nation continues to evolve and embrace its melting pot identity further, a beautiful mosaic of languages has emerged with each state showcasing its own individualized linguistic landscape.

A new study from Word Finder X analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau to find the most prevalent language used in each state. This research excluded English and Spanish.

After all, despite 78% of Americans speaking English at all, it is not the country’s official language.

Continue on to discover the strategy used to identify these most widely spoken languages by state as well as other important discovered:

"What We Did:
Within each U.S. state, major city and district of New York City, we used U.S. Census Bureau data to discover the prevalent language used in local households apart from English and Spanish."

In Arizona, Navajo is the most spoken language.

Other "key findings" are:

• "German is the most spoken language (outside of English and Spanish) in 13 states — more than any other language
• Tagalog is the most spoken language in nine cities in the Western U.S.
• Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic are the most spoken in major Southwest cities
• Chinese and Russian are spoken widely across New York neighborhoods"

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