Arizona Dog Earns Guinness World Record For This Lickalicious Trait

Photo: Guinness World Records

An adorable pup from Arizona is licking his way to the top after setting a Guinness World Record for a rather long trait.

Bisbee, a 3-year-old English Setter from Tucson, has the world's longest tongue on a living dog, Guinness World Records said in a news release. His tongue measures 3.74 inches — longer than a popsicle stick!

The dog's tongue was measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of his tongue. "The dog must have its tongue out of its snout as far as comfortably possible, when a qualified vet will then measure from the tip up to where it is first visible out of the snout," the record book says.

Jay and Ericka Johnson won Bisbee in a charity auction after "falling in love with him" that night. When Bisbee came home, though, it didn't take long for the Johnsons to notice that something was "really disproportionate." Ericka said her new pup "looked funny when he panted."

"When he's exercising, his tongue comes out quite aways and my wife said that's excessively long," Jay said, adding that his long tongue isn't that noticeable until he opens his mouth. "I thought it was relatively normal, but she took it upon herself to prove me wrong and had his tongue measured and lo and behold he's got a long, long tongue."

That long, long tongue earned Bisbee a world record! The Johnsons are super proud of his paw-complishments. "We feel we were lucky to get him, and he was lucky to get us," Jay said.

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