Secret UFO Photo Called 'Most Spectacular Ever' Just Released

Photo: Getty Images

In 1990, a pair of men were going for a hike in the Scottish countryside near the town of Calvine when they saw a large, diamond-shaped object hovering above them with a low hum. They estimated the size of the metallic craft was 100 feet long and it lingered there for ten minutes. The men hid in some bushes and watched as fighter jets from the nearby Royal Air Force base flew past. One circled back to examine the object but then continued on its original course. Not long after, the object shot off at high speed straight up in the air and was never again seen.

However, before it took off, the men were able to take six photos of it. They brought the pictures to Scotland's leading newspaper, The Daily Record, but no story ever ran, and apparently, the paper sent the photos along to the Ministry of Defense. Then, those pics disappeared... and so did the men who took the shots.

Now, after 32 years, one of those photos has surfaced. A Ministry of Defense insider called the pic "the most spectacular UFO picture ever taken" and "the Holy Grail in terms of hard evidence that these things really exist." It was given to The Mail Plus and shows the strange craft in detail with a military jet in the distance behind it.

The pic was released by former Royal Air Force press officer Craig Lindsay, who was the go-between with the press when the story first came out in 1990. He broke protocol and shared the photo after he grew tired of keeping quiet for decades and wanting the truth to come out.

So what's the object in the pic? Well the defense files say there is "no definite conclusion regarding the large object." Lindsay doesn't think it was faked but that doesn't mean it is other worldly. Many believe that the craft might be an experimental super-secret hypersonic spy plane from America. That might explain why the fighter jet's pilot just continued on, rather than radioing in for more back-up from other jets.

Of course, no one can really speak about what was there except the witnesses, and there is no word on who or where they are. The government doesn't plan on releasing their names until 2076 because of "privacy concerns," but Lindsay would like to hear from them earlier, saying, "I hope the two witnesses will come forward and tell their own stories."

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