Luke Perry Whispered Sweet Nothings To Carol Potter On '90210'

Carol Potter played the perfect mom, Cindy Walsh, on Beverly Hills, 90210, and she joins this episode of 90210MG to go down memory lane about her time on the set with Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, and Sisanie Villaclara. They get into Carol’s huge crush on Luke Perry, why Mrs. Walsh never got that landscaping career, why low-waisted jeans were risky, and Carol’s real-life career as a therapist; plus, Jennie and Tori, as they often do on the podcast, reflect on how differently they feel about their teenage characters’ behavior now they have teenage girls themselves, and how much they relate to the mothers on the show in ways they hadn’t before. And of course, the fashion of the show gets a thorough once-over as well.

They laugh about how Cindy Walsh seemed to always be “cooking something, barbecuing something, or gardening,” and Carol even remembers that at one point, there was a storyline about Cindy wanting to become a landscaping contractor, but her husband Jim wasn’t into it; finally, at the end of the episode, he agrees to let her get a license. The girls are already rolling their eyes at that when Carol says, “But apparently Fox said, ‘No, she can’t. She’s not allowed to make money.’” Maybe that’s why her personal favorite episode is “The 17-Year Itch:” “I got to flirt with someone else and have a dilemma – something besides cooking all the time!” 

They also remember how she had the biggest crush on Luke Perry and Carol doesn’t deny it: “We used to joke about it all the time,” she says. “Remember how he’d go up to you and nuzzle you? ….I can see him coming up to you and putting his hands on your waist,” Tori says. Carol says he would even whisper to her, “‘Oh, Mrs Walsh, you and I should have an affair,’ in that lovely, gravelly voice,” she laughs. Tori and Jennie are blown away, though they talk often about Carol’s beauty on the show so they aren’t surprised. Still, “I’m amazed that you had Luke Perry whisper naughty love talk into your ear!” Jennie marvels. Carol’s therapy license comes in handy when they talk about the effects of fame on young women and how to deal with people recognizing them in their everyday life. Plus, a lovely heart-to-heart about filming the 2019 BH90210 reboot. Hear all this and more on this fun episode of 90210MG.

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Photo: Getty Images