Video Shows Porch Pirate Get Instant Karma

There are many different kinds of criminals out there, but among the most annoying are the porch pirates - the men and women who steal other people's packages from their homes. While the thieves are probably thinking they are getting some kind of expensive electronic device, more often than not they wind up with something that's not worth much to them but was necessary for the homeowner - anything from medication to pet food.

Well one would-be porch pirate got some instant karma when he tried to rob a family of their packages, and it was all captured on camera.

In the video, the man is caught red-handed lifting boxes from the homeowner's front step. When confronted, the thief, wearing a red hat and a face mask to cover his identity, immediately throws the package down and runs to his car as the homeowner yells, "Yeah, that's done. You're done."

The porch pirate meekly says, "I'm sorry. Sorry," gets in his car and drives off, but he doesn't get too far. The car gets stuck on the snow piled by the curb. As the thief attempts to free his vehicle, the homeowner lets him know the police are on the way.

A second video shows what happened after authorities got there. The man at first wouldn't get out of his car but eventually, the cops pull him out and arrest him.

Hopefully the video is a lesson to any wannabe porch pirates out there.

Photo: Getty Images