Family pays respects to the dead by cleaning gravestones amid pandemic

To help pass the time under quarantine Ryan Emmenis and his children have been cleaning graveyard headstones on their daily walks. Ryan, the U.K, resident, said his family passes six cemeteries every day on their walks and the work has helped them maintain some type of routine.

It all started when Emmenis’ wife Hayley asked him to clean the gravestone of a passed on family friend. He owns a cleaning company and thought they could do more with it.

“Each day on our daily walk we started to clean strangers’ headstones at various cemeteries,” Emmenis said. “Me and my three children spend around 10 minutes on a quick break carefully cleaning the graves each day.”

They do their work on the gravestones that need it most. With time passing by they develop a lot of dirt and grime. The amount of time and work spend on a grave stone depends on the stone’s size.

This story was originally published by FOX 10.