This Genius Trick Ends Phone Calls Fast Without Making You Seem Like A Jerk

Since the invention of text messages, people have been spending less and less time on the phone. In fact, having to talk on the phone has nowbecome a chore for many. So what happens if you find yourself stuck in a phone conversation withsomeone who loves to talk? Well there is actuallya simple, genius trickto ending the call without having to come up with an excuse and without seeming rude.

All you have to do is turn on airplane mode during the call. By switching to airplane mode, the call will drop but rather than seeing "call ended," the person you were talking with will see "call failed," so they will think the network dropped the call and not that they were dropped by you.

Best of all, their phone will show "reconnecting," but it won't actually reconnect because you are on airplane mode.

All you have to do is remember to take your phone off airplane mode a few minutes later. You'll also want to keep in mind how you ended the call so that the next time you speak with that person, you can play it off by saying something like, "Oh yeah, I don't know what happened there."

The only problem with thetrick is it only workstwice or maybe three times before the other person starts to suspect it's not actually a phone issue.

Photo: Getty Images

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