Here's How To Get Free Repairs At The Apple Store

Anyone who has ever shattered the screen on theiriPhone after dropping it, or accidentally spilled aglass of water on their MacBook, knows that getting it fixed at the Apple Store can be rather pricey. However, it turns out that there are some people who don't have to pay for those repairs, and you can actually be one of them.

Thesecret was revealedon TikTok by@Tanicornerstone, who posted a video in response to a person who asked, "If you have worked for a large corporation, like a chain of as restaurant or a retail place, I want to hear the secrets that only the employees know."

@Tanicornerstone explains that she used to work for Apple and there would beplenty of really rude customerswho would come in and demand repairs. The employees would fix their devices and charge them for it. But then there were also customers who were incredibly kind and amazing, and for those people, an employee might implement what Apple calls their "surprise and delight" policy.

She stated, "So essentially every genius and staff member had a quota that they were able togo above and beyondand surprise customers. I used to see a lot, people would come in with like water damaged phones and you're not allowed to replace those without a fee. However, the geniuses used a'surprise and delight'to be able to give somebody a free replacement."

Many commenters backed up the video with their personal experiences. One person said, "I can vouch for this! I dropped my phone down the elevator shaft and told them about it and they were so sweet and replaced it for free." Another chimed in, "I was a BROKE college student with an older MacBook whosebattery needed to be replaced. The genius didn't charge me." A former employee added, "I worked at Apple retail and can confirm this is 1000% true."

So if you shop at the Apple Store just remember, it literally pays to be nice

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