Mafia Fugitive Busted After Cops Saw His YouTube Cooking Show

For the past seven years, officials in Italy have been trying to locate Marc Feren Claude Biart, who is allegedly a member of the powerful 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate based in Europe. Biart was wanted for allegedly smuggling cocaine into the Netherlands in 2014 for the Cacciola clan of the' Ndrangheta mafia.

Biart fled to Costa Rica and then made his way to the Dominican Republic, where police said the 53-year-old had been living for the last five years. During his time there, he lived a mostly quiet life, doing his best to avoid locals and tourists.

While Biart did his best to avoid people, he couldn't resist sharing his love of Italian cooking with the world. He decided to start a cooking show on YouTube with his wife. That turned out to be his downfall as authorities came across the videos. While Biart was careful to cover his face, he failed to hide his tattoos, which investigators spotted and used to identify him.

Officials did not provide details about Biart's tattoos and did not say how long he had been posting cooking videos on YouTube.

He was taken into custody in Boca Chica last week and extradited back to Italy, where he will face charges for drug smuggling.

Photo: Getty Images

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