Couple Chain Themselves Together To Test The Strength Of Their Relationship

A young Ukrainian couple has decided to put true love to the test by linking their hands together with a thick iron chain for three months. Known only asAlexanderandViktoria, the young couple started the experiment as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day and traveled to Kiev to have their hands chained and sealed together by a representative of the country's national register of records.

Their goal is to literally be next to each every moment, for the next three months. That includes sleeping, bathing together, and, obviously, even going to the bathroom together. Alexander said, "We are going for a record. There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded. The final link is closed with the seal of the national register of records." If they decide to call it quits early, they'll need someone to cut the chain off with a special cutting tool. Vitaly Zorin of Ukraine's national register of records said he checked whether Alexander and Viktoria were "sane" before agreeing to supervise their romantic experiment.

Of course, all this will be documented on social media. And while the couple may be confident about their ability to last three months chained to each other, there are not many who share their optimism. In fact, people on Ukrainian social media are betting on the number of days until they call it a day.