The Biggest Food Fails Of 2020

Vegan And Vegetarian Alternatives Are A Growing Trend In Berlin

Vegan And Vegetarian Alternatives Are A Growing Trend In Berlin

With so many people stuck at home last year during the pandemic there were plenty of opportunities for amateur chefs to come up with food and kitchen hacks and recipes, but many of them were abysmal failures. Here are some of the worst food fails from 2020.

  • TikTok user rinses ground beef, confuses the Internet– this chef dumped a block of raw ground beef into a pan, cooked it to brown and thoroughly rinsed it out in a strainer in the sink that produced “the blandest, driest beef in the whole world” according to one Twitter user.
  • Woman cooks boyfriend's steak in the toaster– this genius placed two cuts of steak in a two-slice toaster, pushed the lever down and pulled them out and took a bite. Over 1.6-million viewers saw this with one complaining of having witnessed a crime.
  • Man cuts carrots with his own teeth, spits them into blender– this video got 4.4-million views with comments like “I do the same thing” and “Also, this is how birds feed their kids.” One person called it “absolutely terrifying”. Enough said.
  • "Inventor" uses deodorant container to spread avocado– this guy calls his invention “avocado on a stick” that makes “the fastest avocado toast ever.” With 4.3-million views one person said “I actually want to buy this” while another posted “That really does not look edible.”
  • Yellowstone visitors cook chicken over thermal geyser– a man from Idaho was banned from Yelllowstone National Park after he was found cooking chickens in a thermal geyser. A ranger discovered the man among 10 visitors with two chickens inside a burlap sack in a hot spring. For this stunt, the man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years unsupervised probation during which time he is not allowed to visit the park. He was also sentenced to pay two $600 fines.

There are several more of these outrageous ideashere.

Source:Fox News