Americans Spend Almost $1,500 A Year On Food That Ends Up In Trash


Shopping for food seems to be getting more and more expensive these days, and what makes it even worse is there’s a good chance folks won’t even eat a lot of the stuff they buy at the market, leading to a lot of food waste.

A new survey reveals:

  • The average American spends $1,493.93 a year on food they’ll never eat.
  • That translates to about 18% of their groceries per shopping trip.
  • 27% of folks say hey “always” or “often” buy food they don’t eat.
  • Less than 10% say they “never” do.
  • 46% say they usually buy and waste the same foods every month because they think they’ll finally eat them.
  • The most commonly wasted food are:
    • Fruits (53%)
    • Vegetables (45%)
    • Dairy products (39%)
    • Grains (25%)
    • Protein (20%)
    • Snack foods (19%)

So, how do people try and stop themselves from wasting food?

  • Well, 55% of those polled say shopping solo makes them more likely to stick to their shopping list, with 36% saying that means they are less likely to buy stuff they don’t need.
  • 60% avoid going shopping hungry, because if they are they are more likely to buy stuff they don’t need.

Source:SWNS Digital

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