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Security Footage Shows Thieves Stealing Phoenix Family's Camper!

PHOENIX - A west Phoenix family needs your help finding two thieves who drove their camper right out of their driveway in broad daylight.

The crime was all caught on security camera.

Kent and Donna Jones say they were sound asleep when thieves decided it was their camper they wanted.

“Get a job and leave people alone who work hard for their stuff,” said Kent Jones. "I woke up Tuesday morning at 6:15 and my wife was yelling, 'They’re stealing the trailer.'"

You can see the man go by the first time then they come back around the block and park across the street. One suspect gets out of the truck on the passenger side and starts prepping the trailer. He guides his accomplice back.

The vehicle in the video is a Mercury Mountaineer with no license plate.

Kent and Donna have shared this video on social media but so far nothing has lead to the thieves.

“He ran up and looked at the camera and he probably had an 'oh crap moment,'" Kent said.

The trailer was recovered a few days ago at a hotel near 27th Avenue and Thomas Road. It was ransacked and all the family’s camping gear and tools were gone.

Donna said it's hard to believe.

“I heard my dog barking a bark he’s never barked before," she said. "I was screaming. I can’t believe so brave to just go ahead and take it in broad daylight.”

by 12News

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