Florida Governor Considers Allowing Nursing Homes To Accept Visitors Again

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he wants to see nursing homes allow visitors, even as the coronavirus continues to spread through the state. He stated that he stands by his decision to limit visitations but understands the toll it has had on residents who have been left feeling lonely and isolated.

In March, Florida banned nursing home visits and barred hospitals from sending patients who tested positive for the virus to nursing homes without an isolation ward.

"It was the right decision, I think it has kept virus out that otherwise would have gone in, but it does come at a cost, and I think folks really want to have that emotional and personal connection with their loved ones, and if there's ways we can do that then we should do it," DeSantis said.

He suggested that any visitors could undergo a rapid coronavirus to ensure they are not infected before being allowed to visit their loved ones.

"It'll be a 15-minute test. If you have the ability to do that, then I think that we need to start to talk about visitation again," DeSantis said. "I really, really worry about the toll that the isolation has had on people in long-term care facilities."

DeSantis did not say when he plans to lift the order banning visitors at nursing homes. 

On Tuesday (July 28), Florida's death count hit a new high, with 191 reported fatalities and an additional 9,230 cases.

Photo: Getty Images