15-Foot Spoon Statue Mysteriously Disappears From Arizona Dairy Queen

Photo: Dairy Queen

A 15-foot-tall statue of a spoon mysteriously disappeared from an Arizona Dairy Queen storefront and its owners have no idea where it could be.

"We were kind of upset but then more puzzled. What are they going to do with a spoon?" Puja Kalra, one-half of the husband-and-wife duo who owns the Thomas Road location told The Associated Press this week.

The spoon reportedly went missing last weekend between late Friday (March 24) and early Saturday (March 25). Surveillance video from the ice cream store showed two suspects removing the spoon's screws and taking off on a "small motorbike." "They were so precise about it like they had done it before. They just wiggled their way through and made sure the spoon was not damaged," co-owner Raman Kalra told the news outlet.

The 15-foot-tall spoon statue is only featured on new or newly renovated Dairy Queen locations. They resemble the plastic spoons used to eat their signature treat, Blizzards! This location in Phoenix is the first in the state to have a big red spoon out front. Raman said it would cost about $7,000 to have the spoon made, delivered and installed.

To try and bring the spoon back home, the Kalras have launched a hilarious campaign in which store employees would wear "Where's my spoon?" T-shirts. They've also posted flyers at other Dairy Queen locations around the city. The Kalras, who own 34 franchise locations, are also offering a sweet reward should the spoon be brought back: a Blizzard treat from every flavor of the summer menu.

"I appeal to the person. This spoon is too big to eat anything. We want you to bring it back. We will not ask any questions," Raman said.

The theft was reported to Phoenix police, who are currently investigating. At the time of this writing, no suspects have been identified.

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