One Arizona Gas Station Selling Gas Way Below Average To Help The Community

Photo: Getty Images

One gas station in Phoenix is selling gas prices that are well below average in attempts to help the community. Fox 10 Phoenix reported that the owners of the gas station have actually been doing it throughout the winter, but people are needing it now more than ever as gas prices are continuously rising.

One person who was pumping gas, Cher Lindsey, said, "I found the gas prices to be so low yesterday, I thought it was a mistake."

Residents in Phoenix are paying around $5.99 per gallon of gas, but prices at the CK Food Mart on Osborn Road and 20th Street are around $4.99 per gallon. The lower prices are making a huge difference for drivers in the area.

CK Food Mart owners Jaswinder Singh and Ramandeep Kaur said, "We are getting customers from California and all over the country because people will come here to visit."

The owners decided to slash the gas prices out of the goodness of their hearts. They said, "We are trying to help our customers, our neighborhood, our community, so they can save some money. They can spend that money on something else like food, lunch, dinner."

The owners of the store aren't losing money by offering the lower prices, but they aren't making money either. Most of the customers are extremely grateful. Lindsey said, "I just wanted to share my gratitude with the owner because I drove 95 miles yesterday for work... this is just an opportunity I couldn't pass up and I'm just grateful for it."

The owners said, "We are helping our community, our neighborhood."

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