Sean Lennon Poses for Selfies With Sons of Paul McCartney, George Harrison

There certainly appears to be some camaraderie between The Beatles' sons — at least on the part of John Lennon's musician son Sean Ono Lennon

Just this August, Sean has shared photos of himself hanging out with Paul McCartney's son James McCartney and George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison.

On Tuesday, Sean shared a photo of himself with hanging with James, who appeared to be holding an acoustic guitar. 

"Peekapoo..." Sean wrote in the photo's caption.

Last week, Sean wished Dhani a happy birthday, sharing a photo of them together on what appears to be a boat.

Beatles fans can't help but see the striking resemblances between the sons and their iconic fathers. It's also noteworthy that all the sons are musicians as well, having each released albums within the last two years.


Sean's last release was part of his Claypool Lennon Delirium project with Primus' Les Claypool. James' last solo album, The Blackberry Train, was released in 2016. Dhani has spent much of the last year touring on his first-ever solo effort, IN//PARALLEL, released last year.

Will Sean, James and Dhani get together with The Who drummer Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) and form a band? Probably not; I mean, who would want to invite all that pressure? In any case, it's nice to know that there are relationships between The Beatles' children beyond just that their fathers used to be in a band together. 



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