Photo Credit SANA G

My mother passed 7 years ago and that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with in my life! And 2 years later I have the best thing that ever happen to me come in the form of my daughter. It saddens me that my daughter never had a chance to know my mother because she was a strong woman who loved me dearly and I would have wanted my daughter to feel that same love.

Although I have had my theories about my mom checking on my daughter and I she physically is not here with us anymore, may she rest in peace. My daughter has recognized her in pictures that I have hanging in my house of my mom when she was in HIGH SCHOOL! SO HAS MY DAUGHTER REALLY SEEN HER? DOES MY MOM APPEAR TO HER... You gotta ask yourself, is it real? She says Grandma comes and tells her this, plays with her and is around... could be real.

It has been happening more often that my daughter will say "I'M SAD BECAUSE I MISS GRANDMA" and start to cry. Super sad and breaks my heart. We have little to no family, especially here in the bay and I wish my mom was here to watch her grow but cancer won that battle.

How do I fill that void... I can't, parental battles daily.... my life. PRAY FOR ME!