Photo Credit SANA G

I AM NOT A VIOLENT PERSON.... but when it comes to my child... I want to TURN UP. Now, keep in mind that this was a snotty little child in my daughters class that wanted to blurt out "BUT YOU DON'T HAVE A DADDY" when my daughter was trying to show me the ART WORK they have been doing in class to give to their fathers. Luckily my seed is a beast and charged back, "I'M MAKING IT FOR MY GRANDPA"!! I surly wanted to put that lil girl in her place, been noticing she will more than likely grow to be an angry woman...but I digress. How do you protect your kids against the honestly of other kids!

FATHER'S DAY is coming up and the discussion at home are beginning to get easier to have but the emotional part for me are getting worse. I don't regret what has transpired or the decisions I made but I don't want my baby to feel like she is NOT LOVED. 

I have told her that some people are not meant to be fathers and that it's not that he doesn't love you but that he just can't be here and mommy loves being with her baby and I love her enough for EVERYONE. The sad truth is her GRANDFATHER doesn't make efforts either but he wasn't much of a father to me either so no surprise there... unless it's a casino, you get no excitement from my pops. Bleehhh.

Day by day as we get closer to the weekend it is getting easier to talk about how daddy will not be there and why but it still is ONE OF THE WORST THINGS I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH... I LOVE MY BABY!! I don't want her to hurt, be confused about life & love and feel UNWANTED!! But some people you have to protect your children from, even the ones who help you create them. WE ARE BLESSED and LUCKY to be who and what we are today and have each other because we are SOLID and mommy has her back 1,000,000%. 4LIFE. xoxoxo