Photo Credit SANA G

It is time for her to enter the REAL SCHOOL SYSTEM... DAY CARE/PRESCHOOL time is coming to a close and we all know that we have to take our kids in for their mandatory SHOTS before we can admit them into the school house. I did it, you did it and everyone we know growing up had to have those dang things and they SUCK!! One of them stings like crazy, can't remember which but it is now my baby's turn and she did not handle it well and NEITHER DID I!!

Apparently her former DOCTOR who I left because the broad was never at the office, failed to tell me that she was behind on a couple vaccines. I have taken my daughter in a few times this year for illness and SHE NEVER MENTIONED IT!! B*ITCH!!! I was so mad when her new doctor informed me that she needed 4 shots and of course the infamous FINGER POKE to test her blood.

Needless to say, my baby was screaming crying and they MADE ME RESTRAIN HER!! It was a hug restraining and I kept telling her I wouldn't let them hurt her if she didn't need the shots but DAMN 4 SHOTS!! It was TERRIBLE!! I cried the whole time and she kept asking me why I was crying LOL!! My baby loves me and didn't want me to feel bad, so cute. I just kept telling her I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO EVER HURT YOU!!

I spoiled the SH*T out of her the rest of the day and spent the day catering to her watching movies and giving love.

SO TERRIBLE!!.... I know you have been there, how did you handle it? Am I the only one who cries with their babies?! LOL