VIDEO Credit: You Tube

A Georgia man is being called a hero and rightfully so for saving a toddler who somehow, someway crawled 300 yards away from her home. Earlier this week, Bryant Collins was just minding his business and driving his car when he saw something that made him stop and get out for a looksee. As it turns out, a 15-month-old baby named Emily had escaped from her home, crawled through the woods and was now heading towards the highway!After the initial, “What the hell is going on? A baby?” reaction, Bryant rescued the lost child and placed her in his car before calling 911. Miraculously, Emily only suffered minor superficial cuts and no major injuries. The girl’s father arrived just as police were on the scene and was promptly arrested for child cruelty and then obstruction when a scuffle broke out. Her mother, who says they left Emily with their teenaged children, will face charges as well