So CHRIS BROWN apparently showed up with RIHANNA and EMINEM'S "MONSTER TOUR" stop in PASADENA, CA. Concert workers backstage said they saw CHRIS but he didn't get near RIHANNA (CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS PIC BACKSTAGE)

Folks in RIHANNA'S camp are saying that CHRIS BROWN is ringing her phone OFF THE HOOK as of late and that he is hounding her to hang out! Could it be that he is feeling that she is really the love of his life and he wants to build back up what they have destroyed or do you think it could have to do with his "X" album dropping in a month?

Either way you go, RIHANNA is not messing with it. Sources are saying she feels she is in a good place and doesn't need the back and forth drama that BREEZY brings to the table. We shall see how this plays out!!