(KFYI News) – A couple dozen fast food workers and their supporters gathered Thursday at noon outside a McDonald's restaurant at Seventh St. and McDowell Rd. in Phoenix to protest for a higher minimum wage for fast-food employees.

The event was organized by LUCHA, Living United for Change in Arizona. The group's Tomas Robles says the current minimum wage of $7.80 per hour isn't enough to live on.

"Seattle, Washington has proven that it can be done. They just recently passed a law giving some workers a $15 minimum wage." He added that some countries, including Australia, have a minimum wage equivalent to around 15 U.S. dollars.

Robles says the argument that most fast-food workers are teenagers or college students is false. He says the average age of a fast-food employee in the U.S. is 28, many of whom have families to support. "These are people who lost jobs during the recession and are trying to get by until something better comes along, and 90% of jobs are low-wage jobs that have come back."

Robles insisted that the protest at McDonald's in Phoenix was a "support rally" rather than a strike.